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One of the largest obstacles to getting a job at an established Yacht Brokerage is the knowledge base needed to be able to hit the ground running so that you understand the process, legal responsibilities and pitfalls without being a liability to the company.

Yacht Broker Institute News for May, 2016

  • The online course “Fundamentals & Essentials of Yacht Brokerage” is for beginners seeking a career in yacht brokerage to accomplished yacht brokers as well.
  • The YBI courses represent one of the best investments you can make in your career. It demonstrates your commitment to professional development.
  • “The Yacht Brokers Institute is a very informative and helpful step to a successful career in yacht sales. We at our company see this as a hiring prerequisite.”
    Carmine Galati, Galati Yacht Sales
  • Oct. 2014 YBI Newsletter
    THE INFORMER 2014 UL 11.3
  • See Online Course Overview
    Flyer Fundamentals & Essentials
  • January 2016 Ft. Lauderdale, FL –
    “Y B I” announced that the “Professional Administrative Assistant” course is available online. The cost is $499.

To YBI students who have earned their

in “The Fundamentals and Essentials of Yacht Brokerage”


As well as learning how to become a proficient Yacht Broker, there are dozens of forms in the Forms Section (which is worth multiple times the cost of the Manual/Course alone!), a resource library, which includes invaluable links to great websites, a Library of Articles and legal opinions from Maritime Attorneys and other professionals, on a variety of topical subjects.


A vitally important part of doing this course is graduates enter into our referral program, which is a free service to YBI alumni. After all there is no point in learning how to become a Yacht broker or “PAA” if you can’t practice your craft afterwards! 
We are not an employment agency, nor can we guarantee any job, however we have some of the largest Yacht Brokerage Companies throughout the country who are looking to hire graduates of this course and (some) have even agreed to reimburse the entire cost of the online course upon the sale of their first transaction! Some companies are now making our course a pre-requisite before accepting new sales people!


YBI is currently working on additional courses and supplements, including one on “The Essentials & Fundamentals of Yacht Charter Brokerage”.

In addition we will be holding Seminars, as well as special functions for YBI alumni and updates to forms and general news as it becomes available. Come and join our successful alumni and sign up now!


“The feedback we continue getting from the program is off the charts. Thanks for all you are doing!”
DP, Galati Yacht Sales



“We are extremely happy that Rae and Kevin have developed this long-awaited and needed course to aid in the baseline training of new brokers. As our existing brokerage force steers towards retirement, there will be gaps to fill and apprenticeships to be awarded. And armed with the knowledge learned from the YBI course, prospective new brokers will be able to hit the ground running and know that they are operating within the boundaries of knowledge and ethics.”
Regards, Roger Herd -Director of Marketing and Sales Development – United Yacht Sales




“Dear Rae & Kevin, this course is extremely informative and should be the required test pre licensing for all brokers.”
Capt. EA (S.R, FL)



“I enjoyed the course. It really is a wealth of knowledge. I had sold boats before but brokerage is so different that I didn’t know what I didn’t know! It would take years of on the job training to gain the confidence that I have after successfully taking the course. Best regards.”
#024 BMcC (Daytona, FL)



“I really enjoyed the course. Obviously some of the USA based laws are not relevant in Singapore, but it was good to get an understanding of how the industry works in another country. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into brokerage, no matter where you are based.”
#026 BR (Singapore)



“We have all heard that if you want to be happy in your work, do something you love. For the first 28 years of my adult life I wasn’t doing this. With the help of the YBI I now feel that I have a good solid base to start enjoying an exciting career in the yacht brokerage industry. Thank you Rae and your team for putting together this comprehensive course.”
#027 MKM (Parma Heights, OH)